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Michael (Cush) Coughlin

Posted by Michael Coughlin <> on Tue, 29 Jan 2002, in response to Great Grandfather Michael Coughlin (Cush) Ireland/Wyoming/Cleveland 1841-1926, posted by Shelley McConnell on Sat, 08 Dec 2001

"Cush" Coughlin is also my great grandfather through his son Dennis Coughlin. I grew up in Cleveland, and knew of most of the people you named. Dennis Coughlin had two sons, John and Dennis, and John Coughlin was my father. "Cush" was a legend for us also. He rode with Buffalo Bill, so the story goes, and then ran a saloon in Laramie. Dad tells of an "Indian" coming to the house (would have been between 1910 and 1920)to see Cush - could have been traveling with Buffalo Bill. The term "Cush" is still a mystery for us, but the explanation we got was that it was a shortened form of "macushla", an Irish term of endearment. If you are interested, I have copies of a clipping from a Cleveland paper sometime in the early 1900's of an interview with "Cush" and "Ma" Coughlin about how the cowboys weren't really as tough as they are made out to be in the popular media of the day. It also gives a little of his history.


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