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Blankenship Origins Web Page

Posted by Don Blankenship <> on Mon, 29 Dec 2003, in response to My last name, posted by Steven Blankenship on Sat, 01 Nov 2003

Hi Steven,

If you visit my web site titled BLANKENSHIP ORIGINS you'll find the answer to your question regarding the origins of the name Blankenship. There are almost 80 web pages containing the history of the this surname and those who first brought it to America from England.


Also visit :


First Read the INTRODUCTION to Blankenship Origins


#1 - Hundreds of Deeds granted in Henrico County, VA 1636-1783
#2 - More Henrico Co., Virginia Land Patents from 1656-1780
#3 - Henrico Co., VA Land Patent Extracts (1636-1783)


Photos of Blenkinship homelands in England
Blankinship's lifestyle in colonial Virginia
"NEW" Blenkinship Surname Analysis done in Scotland
Historical Data on Blankenship Origins in England & early Virginia
English Surname Derivations
Does the name Blenkinship mean "Sheepherders from Blencarn" ?
Other BLANKENSHIP web sites on the Internet
Map of Ralph and Martha Blankinship's original Homestead ca. 1700
Listen to the English dialect spoken in Cumbria Co., England
A Brief History and Chronology of Cumbria County, England
The Ghost of Blenkinsopp Castle - A Brief History dating back to 1340
Death Inventories of immigrant Ralph Blankinship and sons (1714-1754)
A Study of Spelling Variations of the name Blankenship-Blenkinship-et al
Was the Immigrant Ralph Blankinship a Catholic or Protestant?
Colonial Land Laws and Ralph Blankinship's Missing Land Grant
Blankenship - McCoy Marriages during the Hatfield-McCoy Feud
Professional Genealogy Study done on the surname BLENKINSOP


Blankenships who received Revolutionary War Pensions
Blankenship veterans of the War of 1812
Blankenship & Blankinship veterans of the Civil War (over 700 names)
Blankenships who died in World War-II
Blankenship Casualties of the Korean War
Blankenships who died in Vietnam
Blankenship who died in the Beirut, Lebanon bombing of the USMC


Map showing neighbors of the immigrant Ralph Blankinship in Virginia
Blenkinships and Blenkinsops of Haresceugh Castle near Penrith, Eng.
Photos and Map of Blenkinsop Castle and Hall near Haltwhistle, England
Ralph Blankinship's poss. Roots in Gainfort, County Durham, England
500-year Old Latin Language Documents on Blenkinsops in England
Huck Finn was Really Thomas Blankenship from Hannibal, MO
Language clues suggest Ralph Blankenship was from Cumberland, Eng.
Maiden name of Ralph Blankinship's wife discovered?
620-year old French & Latin documents discuss Blankinsops in England
15 Generations of Blenkinsops in England from 1200 - 1800 AD
Proof that Blankenships may have descended from the Vikings
Burial Index for England (1583-2000) - Blenkinsop, Blankenship, et al.
Did our ancestors speak Anglo-Saxon, Latin or Norse?


The dollar cost equivalent of commodities & food in England in 1625
The History of Blenkinsopp Coal Mine at Greenhead, Northumberland
The Library of Virginia on-line Historical databases
The History of Names and places in Henrico Co., Virginia
Henrico Co., VA - History predating much of America
What you need to know about copyright laws
Blenkinsops relationship to King Arthur's Court
The Earliest History of Blankenships in America - Oct. 1917
New Photos of Blenkinsop Castle taken in late 2001

Blankenship Origins


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