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Genealogy covers various regions, interests and topics. You can easily post in the "New? Introduce Yourself!" topic to share your interests with current members and we hope that you will see other topics of interest to you, as well.

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have arrived! has added message boards, starting off with Alphabetic Surname Boards --and with more message board topics to come. Post your messages today!

This board contains letters of the alphabet as topic headers. To use this board, pick an appropriate letter of the alphabet and post your surname there. For example, if you are looking for anyone doing research on the Bowman family name, find the "BO Surnames" topic and post a message titled "Bowman." If you have a popular surname, check our new 1,000 Most Popular Surnames area in Surname Center.

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The Genealogy Forum has many message board topics, covering many ethnic groups, the alphabet and other topics of interest. And now. . .to start 2004 off right--the message boards in the Genealogy Forum are now searchable with our site's search engine!

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Do you have questions about using the message boards or the Genealogy Forum? Please send me a note and I'd be glad to answer. Our forum staff can not do research for you, but we will be glad to explain about how easy it is to use the Genealogy Forum. Send e-mail to: GenealogyForum (

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