Mayflower Surnames

The Mayflower sailed from Southampton, England on Sept. 16, 1620. The ship arrived at Cape Cod on Nov.11. During the voyage, one passenger had died and one was born. 102 passengers arrived in Massachusetts Bay that year. Only 52 of those who landed survived that first winter. Some husbands lost wives; some wives lost husbands; some families lost children; and some complete families died. Among the survivors, there were descendents of 25 surnames. Check the list below. It contains the surnames of the 25 families that left descendents. Also included is Cushman (Because Mary Allerton m. Thomas Cushman AND Ruth Howland m. Thomas Cushman, Jr.) and Liester / Lester, for "Edward Litster the servants of mr Hopkins. Litster After he was at liberty, went to Virginia, & ther dyed" (From Governor Bradfords Accounting of the Mayflower Passengers). Perhaps you'll find your great-great-great .... grandparents among these surnames. Good luck!

Alden Allerton Billington
Bradford Brewster Brown
Chilton Cook(e) Cushman
Doty / Doughty Eaton Fletcher
Fuller Hopkins Howland
Liester / Lester Moore Mullins
Priest Rogers Sampson
Soule Standish Tilly
Warren White Winslow

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