Confederate Pension Records of Texas

The Confederate pension records of Texas are now accessible on the Internet:

The Index to Confederate Pension Applications provides the names, county of residence, and pension number of some 54,634 approved, rejected, and home pensions issued by the Texas government between 1899 and 1975. The listing for a widow's pension includes her husband's name as it appears on her application form. If the husband also applied for a Texas Confederate Pension, the number of that pension (or the specification "Rejected" or "Home") is noted as well.

Confederate veterans and their widows were dependent upon the generosity of the already impoverished former Confederate states for any postwar pension benefits. In awarding pensions for Confederate service, Texas, like most other southern states, confined its relief payments to veterans or their widows resident in Texas since 1880 who were disabled or indigent. Therefore, the index of applicants for Confederate pensions in no way represents a complete roster of Texas residents who had fought for the Confederacy.

If you do not immediately find the name you are researching it might be because the person did not submit an application for a pension. However, the names in the listing are based on the spelling given on the endorsement page of the printed pension application form. If that name is somehow misspelled, the misspelling is reflected in the computer entry. (For example, a week before his death, W. C. Akin applied for a Confederate pension; subsequently his widow Susan applied for a pension in her own name. The request for records from the United States Adjutant General and many other affidavits in the pension application spell the name as Aiken.) Check all possible spellings of a veteran's surname before deciding that he or his widow did not apply for a pension.

The application forms and their attached records and correspondence are on file in the State Archives Division of the Texas State Library. You may request copies of any of these files by phone, regular mail, or E-mail inquiry. To obtain an approved pension, give the applicant's name and pension number. If the Index lists the pension application as a Rejected or a Home pension, give the applicant's full name as it appears in the index, the county of residence, and "Rejected" or "Home," whichever is appropriate.

Each file will vary in number of pages and content; therefore, the State Archives staff will copy each complete file requested and bill you for the total number of pages reproduced.

The State Archives Division has a number of other Civil-War related records that might give additional information about a Confederate veteran or his family. These records include the Confederate Home Roster, the Confederate Muster Roll Abstract Cards, Confederate Service Records, and the Confederate Indigent Families Lists. For further information about these records, please check the Resources for Genealogical Research options in the Archives and Manuscripts Information menu.

While these records are all available for on-site use by patrons, researchers may request staff searches of any of these resources by mail, phone, or E-mail.

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