This area includes articles on how to do military research, what records are available, and where to find them. If your interest lies in the Civil War, We have extra resources to help you, from our chat log archive, Civil War Stories and Letters and our new file libraries. We also have the "Weekly Fireside" email newsletter, recommended websites, and much more!
We hope that you will find this area helpful.

For a brief explanation of how to research your Civil War ancestor, see:
Your Civil War Ancestors....Where to Begin

For a description of some of the records available to assist in your research, try these:

We also have a collection of links to military related internet sites, including museums, archives, and databases.
Military Resources on the Internet

Some commonly asked questions pertaining to Civil War research are also answered here. Did you ever wonder about:
Civil War Battle Names
Secession of the Confederate States

U.S. Military Records
Your Civil War Ancestors....Where to Begin
Military Resources on the Internet
Military Families Helper Page

Stories, Files & Talks.

Part of understanding your family’s heritage involves developing an appreciation for the times and places in which they lived. How did their days unfold? Why did they make the decisions that they made? What factors had the greatest influence on their behavior? It is this understanding that makes history come alive.

Through articles, historical documents and accounts, regimental histories, and lectures and talks, we can explore the lives and times of our Civil War ancestors.


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More Stories
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Civil War Files

Do you recognize this mystery soldier? This picture is one of many in our Civil War Photo Library ([*] Currently under construction here).

There are two File Libraries with Civil War related files. One, Civil War Library ([*] Currently under construction here) contains a variety of documents, ranging from the "History of Danville Prison" to "Quantrill Massacre Victims". Many of the files are regimental histories.
You can view a sample file from this library here The Death of Wes Cripliver

The second library, Civil War Files ([*] Currently under construction here) contains documents like Lee's Farewell to the Army and Lincoln's Inaugural Addresses (Both of them), as well as a Civil War Timeline.

You might also want to check out another graphics library, the Soldier/Veteran Ancestors Library ([*] Currently under construction here).
This library contains photos of soldiers from many different wars, but the files noted WBTS identify the War Between the States, or Civil War soldiers.

You can also download old meeting and lecture logs from our Civil War Fireside Chat.

History Meeting Logs
Civil War Library

How-To's and History.

Message Boards.

If you are seeking others who are researching your military ancestors, one of the best ways to make contact is through message boards.

The 1860's & U.S. Civil War Message Board [*] links to literally thousands of messages from others researching their Civil War ancestors.

The Revolutionary War Message Board [*] contains messages pertaining to revolutionary ancestry and DAR questions too.


We now have a Civil War Website Collection to help you with your Civil War research. This section will continue to grow as we find new and fascinating sites.

Here are a few favorites...

[*] Formerly on AOL - Currently under construction on this website.

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