Providence County, Rhode Island
1777 Military Census

Cumberland, Providence Co., Rhode Island
1777 Military Census

Key to Abbreviations

16-50 AFrom 16 to 50 years and able to bear arms
16-50 UFrom 16 to 50 years and unable to bear arms
50-60 AFrom 50 to 60 years and able to bear arms
50-60 UFrom 50 to 60 years and unable to bear arms
60+60 and older
AffThose who have taken the Affirmation
CertThose who have certificates from the Friends Meeting
TTransient persons and to what places they belong
RResidents and to what places they belong
SMState Militia
CSContinental Service
[ ]Names in brackets were supplied from the handwritten 1898 copy of the census at the Archives.
?Question marks appear with names of uncertain spelling

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Cumberland, Rhode Island Military Census
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Aldrich, Jonathan Capt. 50-60 A Ballou, Noah Junr16-50 A
Aldrich, Squire.16-50 A. Butterrix, Edward (CS). T-Grafton
Aldrich, Robert Esqr.. Affirm. Brown, Joseph Capt.. 50-60 A Captain in the alarm List Company
Arnold, Levi. Affirm. Brown, Joseph Junr..16-50 A
Aldrich, Baruch.16-50 A.Ballou, Elisha (SM).16-50 A
Aldrich, Laban16-50 ABallou, James16-50 A
Arnold, Moses60+Bragg, Nehemiah16-50 A in the Continental Fleet
Arnold, Joseph16-50 A Blie, James16-50 A
Arnold, John16-50 ABlie, Oliver16-50 A
Arnold, Amos50-60 UBicknell, Thomas16-50 A
Arnold, Nathan16-50 A Bowen, William16-50 A
Angell, Abraham16-50 A Brown, John16-50 A
Allen, Timothy50-60 A Butterworth, Noah50-60 A
Anderson, Thomas16-50 A R-SmithfieldButterworth, Noah Jr(SM)16-50 A
Allen, Nehemiah Capt.60+ Butterworth, John16-50 A
Alexander, Roger16-50 ABishop, John60+
Angell, Thomas50-60 ABishop, John Junr.16-50 A
Angell, George16-50 ABishop, William16-50 A
Amsbary, Jeremiah16-50 ABrown, Nicholas16-50 U
Aldrich, Abell16-50 ABoyce, Joseph16-50 A
Aldrich, Philip (SM)16-50 ABradford, George 16-50 A
Aldrich, Joseph16-50 A Bradford, George Junr16-50 A
Ballou, Ariel60+Blanding, Ephraim16-50 A
Brown, Stephen60+Blanding, Samuel16-50 A
Ballou, Abner16-50 ABrown, Ephraim16-50 A
Ballou, William16-50 ABrown, Stephen Junr16-50 A
Ballou, Nathan16-50 ABrown, Elijah 16-50 A
Ballou, Levi16-50 ABrown, Elihu16-50 A
Ballou, Ezekiel50-60 ABartlet, Jehu16-50 A
Ballou, Edward16-50 ABartlet, Israel16-50 A
Bartlet, Jacob16-50 ABartlet, Rufus16-50 A
Bartlet, Abel16-50 ABrown, Abiel16-50 A
Bartlet, Eber16-50 UBowen, Thomas16-50 A
Bartlet, Abner16-50 ABowen, Amos16-50 A
Bartlet, Joseph Junr16-50 ABrown, Christopher16-50 A 2nd Leut in the alarm List Company
Bartlet, Joseph60+Brown, Cyril16-50 A
Braley, Roger50-60 ABartlet, Job16-50 A
Braley, Roger Junr16-50 ABrown, Ichabod16-50 A
Braley, Lemuel16-50 ABrown, Ichabod Junr.16-50 A R-Smithfield
Ballou, Noah16-50 ABrown, Amos16-50 U
Ballou, David16-50 AButler, Benjamin16-50 A
Braley, John16-50 UBurlinggame, John60+
Brownell, George16-50 ABurlinggame, John Junr16-50 A
Bishop, Simeon16-50 ABurlinggame, Daniel16-50 A
Bartlet, John16-50 ABallou, Joseph16-50 A
Bartlet, Daniel16-50 ABallou, Benjamin16-50 A
Bartlet, Asa16-50 ABallou, Reuben Capt.(SM)16-50 A
Bartlet, Jeremiah16-50 ABrown, Sylvanus16-50 A
Brown, Jesse16-50 ABallou, Asa16-50 A ensign in ye alarm List Company
Bragg, Daniel (CS)16-50 ABallou, Absalom16-50 A Ensign in the 2nd Co. of Militia

Bishop, Gideon16-50 A

Bennet, Timothy16-50 A
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Blie, Jeremiah16-50 ACook, Stephen16-50 A
Brown, Levi16-50 A R-RehobothCook, Asahel16-50 U
Brown, Caleb16-50 A R-RehobothCapron, Charles50-60 A
Bates, John50-60 A R-AttleboroughCapron, Joseph16-50 A
Cook, Abraham50-60 AChace, Isaac60+
Cook, David (SM)16-50 ACole, John60+
Cook, Eleazer16-50 ACole, Joseph16-50 A
Cook, Hazekiah 50-60 ACook, Annanias16-50 A
Cook, Abraham Junr16-50 AChase, Joseph60+
Capron, Philip16-50 AChase, John16-50 A
Clarke, Nathan16-50 ACargill, James16-50 A
Cole, John Junr16-50 AClarke, Samuel50-60 A
Cook, Ariel16-50 AClarke, John50-60 A
Carpenter, Asa16-50 AClarke, Samuel Junr16-50 A
Chase, Joseph Junr16-50 ACrowingshield, Richard16-50 A
Chase, Stephen16-50 ACarpenter, Jotham60+
Carpenter, William50-60 UCarpenter, Oliver16-50 A
Clarke, Edward16-50 ACook, Nathaniel16-50 A
Clarke, Aaron16-50 ADexter, John60+
Carpenter, Ezekiel16-50 ADexter, David50-60 A
Chamberlin, Samuel16-50 ADexter, Oliver16-50 A Ensign in the Continental Battalion
Carpenter, Jotham Junr16-50 ADexter, David Junr16-50 A Captain in the Continental Battalion
Commins, Joseph16-50 ADexter, James50-60 A
Cook, Silas16-50 A

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Dexter, Esek (CS)16-50 ADexter, Daniel (SM)16-50 A
Dexter, Simeon16-50 ADexter, Stephen16-50 A
Darling, John60+Davis, Benjamin50-60 U
Davis, Joseph Esqr.50-60 A - 1st Leiut in the alarm CompanyDarling, Joseph16-50 A
Darling, Peter Junr.16-50 A.Darling, Peter Esqr..16-50 A
Darling, John Junr.16-50 A.Darling, John.60+
Darling, Ebenezer.16-50 A.Darling, Elias.16-50 A
Estes, Richard Junr.16-50 A.Estes, Richard.60+
Estes, John.16-50 A.Estes, Stephen.16-50 A
Emerson, William.16-50 A.Estes, John Junr.(SM).16-50 A
Estes, Samuel.16-50 A.Emerson, William Junr.(CS).16-50 A
Fisher, Jeremiah.16-50 U.Esterbrooks, Abiel.16-50 A R-Warren
Field, Solomon.16-50 A R-AttleboroughField, John16-50 U R-Attleborough
Follet, Joseph16-50 AFollet, Abraham16-50 A
Follet, William16-50 AFollet, Benjamin16-50 A
Fisher, Jonathan16-50 AFisher, Jonathan Junr16-50 A
Fisk, John16-50 A - major of one of the Regiment's of MilitiaFisk, Squire16-50 A - 1st Lieut of a Company in ye 15 months service
Fisk, John Junr16-50 AFuller, Peleg60+
Fuller, Ezekial50-60 AFuller, Thomas16-50 A R-Attleborough
Foster, Samuel16-50 A

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Goold, John Esqr.50-60 AGoold, Benjamin16-50 A
Gaskill, William Esqr.16-50 AGrant, John60+
Gaskill, SamuelAffirmGoold, Nathaniel16-50 A - Leiut of the 2nd Co. of Militia
Grant, Joseph60+Goold, Jabez16-50 A
Goold, John Junr16-50 AGrant, Allen16-50 A
Grant, Gilbert16-50 A - 1st Lieut in the Continental ServiceGrant, John Junr16-50 A T-Great Britain
Grant, David16-50 AGrant, Samuel16-50 A
Green, Andrew16-50 AHopkins, Asa16-50 A
Howard, Samuel16-50 AHoward, John16-50 A
Hogg, Abraham16-50 AHawkins, Andrew16-50 U
Harris, Christopher16-50 AHarris, Ezekial16-50 A
Harris, Christopher Junr (SM)16-50 AHarris, Oliver16-50 A
Hathway, Melatiah60+Hathway, Silvanus16-50 A
Haskill, Comfort16-50 AHaskill, Abner60+
Haskill, John16-50 AHaskill, Samuel16-50 A
Hill, Roger16-50 AHaskill, Amos16-50 A
Jenks, Daniel Junr16-50 AJenks, Daniel60+
Jenks, John16-50 AJenks, Jeremiah16-50 A
Jenks, David16-50 AJenks, Anthony16-50 A
Jenks, Joseph16-50 AJillson, Nathaniel60+
Jillson, Uriah Esqr60+

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Joslen, Thomas16-50 AJillson, Nathan16-50 A
Inman, Stephen16-50 AJillson, Nathaniel Junr16-50 A
Jillson, Uriah Junr16-50 AJillson, Paul16-50 A
Jillson, Luke16-50 AJillson, Enos16-50 A
Jenks, Amos16-50 AInman, Jeremiah16-50 A
Inman, Francis16-50 AFeffers [sic] Caleb16-50 A R-Newport
Jones, Uriah (CS)16-50 ALapham, Joseph60+
Lapham, Abner Esqr16-50 ALovet, John Junr16-50 A
Lovet, John60+Lovett, James Capt.16-50 A
Lovett, Eliphalet16-50 ULee, Joseph 16-50 A
Lovett, William16-50 ALapham, John16-50 A
Lee, Levi16-50 ALapham, SaulN
Lovett, PeterSpanish IMason, Pelatiah60+
Lind, William16-50 A T-SweedenMason, Jonathan16-50 A
Mosher, Jonathan16-50 AMosher, Gardner16-50 A
Mosher, Luthan16-50 AMiller, Daniel60+
Miller, Daniel Junr16-50 AMiller, Josiah16-50 A
Miller, Peter16-50 AMay, Benjamin16-50 A
Meads, James16-50 AMetcalf, Ebenezer16-50 A
Mason, Jonathan Junr16-50 A

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Newell, Jason16-50 ANewell, Aaron16-50 A
Newell, Elisha16-50 ANewell, David16-50 A
Peck, Solomon16-50 APeck, Benjamin16-50 A
Philbrook, Elias16-50 APeck, George16-50 A - Captain of the Independant Company of the Smithfield & Cumberland Rangers
Philips, Michael16-50 A R-BostonRay, Henry16-50 A
Richmond, Ichabod16-50 A R-ProvidenceRaze, Joseph50-60 A
Ray, Daniel [?]16-50 ARaze, Isaac16-50 A
Raze, Joseph Juner16-50 A - Ensign in the 1st Company of MilitiaRichmond, Jeremiah16-50 A
Raze, Jonas16-50 ARaze, Joseph ye 3.16-50 A
Raze, David Junr16-50 ARaze, David60+
Ray, Asa16-50 ARay, Joseph16-50 A
Ray, Oliver16-50 ARay, Joseph Junr16-50 A
Smith, John 60+Richmond, S[?]igbyN
Staples, Nathan16-50 ASmith, Jesse16-50 A
Strange, John (CS)16-50 AStaples, David16-50 A
Staples, Jonathan (CS)16-50 ASmith, Benjamin16-50 AR-Smithfield
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Smith, Chad 16-50 ASteeter, Joseph50-60 A
Streeter, Bezeleal (SM)16-50 AStreeter, Eleazer16-50 A
Sly, John16-50 A Staples, Stephen16-50 A
Sheldon, William16-50 ASheldon, Roger16-50 A
Sprague, Jonathan60+Sprague, Abraham16-50 A
Sprague, Gideon16-50 AShapardson, Nathaniel Esqr16-50 A
Shapardson, Nathanl Junr16-50 ASmith, John Junr16-50 A
Smith, Daniel16-50 ASmith, Daniel Junr16-50 A
Smith, David16-50 ASmith, Levi16-50 A
Smith, Jonathan16-50 AStreeter, Nathan16-50 A
Streeter, Ebenezer16-50 ASprague, Amos50-60 A
Sprague, Seth (SM)16-50 A EnsignScott, Jeremiah50-60 A
Scott, Jeremiah Junr16-50 AScott, Charles16-50 A
Staples, George (SM)16-50 ATrask, Daniel16-50 A R-Mendon
Tower, Benjamin Capt.60+Thurber, Amos (CS)16-50 A
Taft, Stephen16-50 AThurber, Barnabas16-50 A
Tower, Levi Capt.16-50 ATower, Enoch Capt 16-50 A
Trask, Edward16-50 A R-MendonTower, Ichabod16-50 A
Thurber, James 50-60 U R-RehobothVicory, John16-50 A R-Chesterfield
Tillson, Joseph60+

Page 9
Whipple, Jeremiah Esqr60+Wallcott, William60+
Wallcott, Benjamin Junr Leiut (SM)16-50 AWallcott, John16-50 A
Wallcott, George16-50 AWhipple, Jeremiah Junr16-50 A
Whipple, Simon16-50 AWhipple, David16-50 A
Whipple, Moses16-50 AWhipple, Israel16-50 A
Whipple, Israel Junr16-50 AWhipple, Calvin16-50 A
Weatherhead, John16-50 AWeatherhead, Daniel60+
Willcox, Daniel16-50 AWillcox, Stephen16-50 A
Wood, Thomas16-50 AWeatherhead, Levi16-50 A
Weatherhead, Jeramh Junr (SM)16-50 AWeatherhead, Enoch16-50 A - Capt in the 1st Company of Militia
Weatherhead, Nathan16-50 AWeatherhead, Amaziah16-50 A
Whipple, Christopher16-50 AWhipple, Peck16-50 A
Whipple, John60+Whipple, John Junr16-50 A
Whipple, Samuel50-60 AWhipple, Peter (SM)16-50 A
Whipple, Joseph50-60 AWhipple, Asa16-50 A
Whipple, Daniel60+Whipple, Daniel Junr16-50 A
Whipple, Simon Junr16-50 AWhipple, Amos16-50 A - Capt of the 2nd Company of Militia
Whipple, Preserved16-50 AWhipple, Joel16-50 A
Whipple, Comfort (SM)16-50 AWhipple, Job16-50 A
Whipple, Eleazer16-50 AWhipple, Eleazer Junr16-50 A
Waterman, Amaziah60+ R-ProvidenceWaterman, Elisha Capt.16-50 A
Williams, Robert16-50 A R-Great BritainWhipple, Ibrook50-60 A
Whipple, Ibrook Junr16-50 AWhipple, Stephen16-50 A
Whipple, Ephraim16-50 A

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Whipple, Benjamin16-50 AWilkinson, Daniel60+
Wilkinson, Jeremiah60+Wilkinson, William16-50 A
Wilkinson, Benjamin16-50 A - Leiut of the 1st Company of Militia Wilkinson, Daniel Junr16-50 A
Wilkinson, Simon16-50 A Wilkinson, Joab16-50 A
Wilkinson, Nedabiah16-50 A - 2nd Leiut of the Smithfield & Cumberland RangersWilkinson, Jeremiah JrCert
Wilkinson, Stephen16-50 AWilkinson, Jepthtah16-50 A
Whitaker, William16-50 AR-BillinghamWilkinson, John16-50 A
Waterman, PeroNYoung, Hugh60+

31516-50 A

916-50 U

2450-60 A

450-60 U








12 Twelvein the Continental Service

16 Sixteenin the 15 month Service

Twohave taken the affirmation

oneCertificate from the friends

TwentyResidents (of other areas)

ThreeTransient Persons
State of Rhode Island Ss Cumberland April 14, 1777. The foregoing is a
True List of all the male persons, inhabiting and Residing within the
Town of Cumberland in Said State Taken agreeable to and in obedience To
an act of the Honorable General Assembly of Said State made and passed
at South Kingstown march second session 1777. Taken by John Dexter one
of the Committee appointed for that purpose.
Providence Ss Cumberland April 15th 1777
John Dexter Esqr made solemn oath that the foregoing List of the male
persons Inhabiting and Residing within the Town of Cumberland in Said County hath been Justly and truly made by him, according to the Best of
his Knowledge.
Before me Jeremiah Whipple Justis of Pleas The State of Rhode Island to John Dexter Dr To my Time and Expence in
Performing the above Service 2:8:0 Errors Excepted
Examined Nathl Mumford John Dexter

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