Will of John Whipple, dated May 8, 1682

[79] At a meeteing of ye towne Councill May ye 27th 1685:
This day Joseph whipple presented unto ye Councill the last will & testament of his deceased ffather John whipple senr: it beareing date ye 8th day of May 1682: desireing probation thereof.

Also together with ye said will the said Joseph whipple presented ye Councill with ye Inventarey of ye Estate of his said deceased father, taken & made may ye 22nd: 1685.

The last will & testament of ye deceased John whipple senr: beareing date ye 8th day of May 1682 hath benn by ye Councill this day Examined, & is by ye Councill approoved./

The Inventarey of ye Estate of ye said deceased John whipple taken & made May ye 22nd : 1685 : hath benn Examined & is allowed./

Joseph Whipple Exsecutor unto his deceased father John whipple senr: hath this day given in Ninty pounds sterling bond to the Councill for ye due performance of his said father his said last will & testament. The Councill hath Given full power of Administration unto Joseph whipple to Administer upon ye Estate of his late deceased father John whipple senr by letter of Administration,

A Coppye thereof is as followeth./

Whereas you Joseph Whipple of the Towne of Providence in ye Colloney of Rhode Island & Providence plantations in new England being by ye last Will & testament of your deceased father John Whipple made his Exsecutor, And wee ye towne Councill of ye said towne of Providence haveing prooved the said will, the which said will beareth date the Eight day of May in ye yeare one Thousand six hundred Eighty twoo, These are therefore | fully | to impower you the said Joseph whipple to Administer upon the Estate of your said deceased father & to Execute & performe his said will in all perticulars as in ye said will is Exprest according to ye true meaneing & intent thereof, In wittnesse whereof wee doe here unto sett our hands at our Councill Meeteing, May ye 27th : in ye yeare 1685 :
               Arthur ffenner Asistant
               Joseph Jenckes Assistn :
               Edward Smith
               Thomas Harris, junior
               Thomas Arnold
               Joseph Williams
               Eliezer Arnold
The meeting is desolved              Thomas Olney

[80] Be it knowne unto all persons whome this may Concerne, That I John whipple of the towne of Providence in the Collony of Rhode Island & providence plantations in new England, senior, being in a great measure of health & in perfect memory; vpon Consideration of Mortallitye, not knowing the day of my death, And haveing many Children, & to prevent all diferences that other wayes may here after arise among them Concerning my worldly Estate doe see Cause to Make my will, & doe hereby despose of all my Estate in this world, And doe make this my last will & testament; I haveing formerly given unto three of my Sons all my lands |all my lands| & Meadowes at Loquasqussuck, Namely Samuell, Eliazer, & William Equally to be devided among them three Only Excepting Thirty acres which I gave unto my son John at ye Norwest End.

I Give unto my three afore Named sons namely Samuell Eliazer & William Each of them a quarter part of one Right of Comoning for pastureing Cutting of timber & firewood.

I give unto my son Benjamin a Right of lands in ye late devision which is already layd out.

I Give unto my son david a Right of lands in ye late devision which is already layd out unto him.

I Give unto my son Jonathan Twenty five acres one which he now dwelleth. Also I Give unto my son Jonathan one devision of landes which is ordred by ye towne to be layd out between the seven mile line & ye foure mile line & papers already drawne for:/

I give unto my Son Joseph my dwelling house & my three home lotts & ye Garden next ye River, Also a six acre Lott lieing on ye Southerne side of ye Neck where upon ye towne of Providence standeth; Also Twenty acres neere Thomas Clemence his dwelling; Also I give unto my son Joseph my share of Meadow neere Solletarey Hill & two six acre Lotts lieing on Each side of ye said hill; Also a five acre lott lieing neere where william Wickenden formerly dwelt; Also one devision beyond the seven Mile line which is already ordred by ye towne & papers drawne for: Also I doe give unto my son Joseph all other devisions which shall hereafter belong unto two Rights throughout.

I give unto my sons namely John, Samuell, Eliazer, William, Benjamin, David & Jonathan unto these seven Twelve pence to Every of them./

[81] I Give unto my three daughters (Namely) Sarah, Mary & Abigall unto Every of them Tenn shillings./

I Give unto my son Joseph all My Right of lands in ye Narragansett Countrey./

I Give unto My son Joseph all My Mooveable goods of what sort so Ever, and all my Cattell & all my tooles; Also I doe make my son Joseph my Exsecutor; Also my will is that my son Joseph doe see that I be decently Buried. This being the reall Absolute Will & testament of me ye said John whipple senr: as abovesaid I doe here unto sette my hand & seale this Eight day of May in ye yeare one thousand Six hundred Eighty two
wittnes my hand               John Whipple Senior
Signed & Sealed in ye                
presence of us                
 Thomas Arnold                
 John Arnold                
 Shadrach Manton./                

Thomas Arnold & John Arnold ye 27th day of May in ye yeare 1685 did upon theire Sollemne Engagements declar|e| yt they are witnesses unto ye abovesd will & as theire names are there written they doe owne it to be theire hands.

Taken in Councill before us Arthur ffenner Asistant, Joseph Jenckes Assistant./

Shadrach Manton ye 27th of may in ye yeare 1685 did in ye presence of ye Majestrats & Rest of ye Councill full & freely declare that hee is a wittnes unto ye abovesaid will & that hee with his owne hand wrott his name thereunto.

As Attests Arthur ffenner Assistant./

Joseph whipple did upon ye 27th of may in the yeare 1685 in ye presence of ye Councill as he is Exsecutor to ye Testator upon his sollemne Engagement testefie & declare that this is the last will & testament of his deceased ffather as Ever was yett perfected as he knoweth of, & that he when he made it was of sound mind & of good Memorey.
Taken before us, Arthur ffenner Assistant;
  Joseph Jenckes Assistant.
On the back side of ye said will it is Endorssed as followeth./

Thomas Olney Towne Clarke of Providenc|e| in ye Colloney of Rhode Island & Providence plantations in new England Aged 53 yeares or theire abouts testefieth.

That upon ye sixteenth day of this instant may John whipple senior of the aforesaid towne of Providence sent for to speake with him; This deponant sayth he Emediatly went to him: the said John whipple then shewed him this paper & the writeing which on ye other side of this said paper is written, desirein[ ] [82] desireing this deponant to peruse it. This deponant saith he then did peruse it, & haveing well perused it. he asked the said John whipple what his mind was concerning ye lands which in ye said writeing he had desposed |of| to his severall sons, whether or no he did intend by that writeing, or will that ye said lands should be unto his said sons & theire Heirs & Assignes for Ever, or only unto his said sons for terme of life, he Emediatly made this Answer; That how Ever it was worded in ye said writeing yet his mind & will was that his sons Each one of them should have those lands house & Rights which hee in ye said writeing unto Each one of them had desposed, to be unto them, theire Heirs & Assignes for Ever to despose ye same or any part thereof at any time as they | see cause. | & that ye same was his Mind & Will when ye said will was written : And further, that whereas in ye said Will it was omitted to be inserted that his son Jonathan should have one of his Rights of land & Comoning on ye west side of ye seven mile line, yet that was his mind & will; That his son Jonathan whipple should have one of his Rights of land & Comoning on ye west side of ye seven mile line to be unto him his Heirs & Assignes for Ever; and that was his mind when ye said will was written, how Ever by ye scribe it was omitted. And whereas in ye first part of ye said Will there is an Exception made only of thirty acres of land to his son John by him formerly given, that he owned to be a mistake, & that ye Exception must be of sixty acres which he formerly by deede of Gift he had given to his son John whipple; and all the remainder of his said farme lieing about Loquasqussuck should be devided Equally betweene his said three sons (viz) Samuell, Eliezer, & william; This saith this deponant is trueth, & that hee tooke it Emediately from ye said John whipple his mouth & wrott it downe. And also that whereas the said Will Expresseth a quarter part of a Right of Comoning to Each of his three sons, (namely) Samuell, Eliezer & william, he said his Meaneing intent & will was that it should be so farr westward as ye Seven mile line & no further; And that the said John whipple was then when hee did declare the Same of Sound mind & of Good memory may [83] May ye 27th : 1685 upon Oath Taken before us

Arthur ffenner Assistant
Joseph Jenckes Assistant

The Will on the other side of this paper written was at our Councill Meeteing May ye 27th: 1685; by us the towne Councill of Providence Examined, & is by us ye said Towne Councill aprooved wittnes our hands

Arthur ffenner Assistant
Joseph Jenckes Assistant
Edward Smith
Thomas Harris
Joseph Williams
Thomas Arnold
Eliezer Arnold
Thomas Olney

The Inventarey of ye Estate of John Whipple senior of ye towne of Providence in ye Colloney of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations in New England Now deceased, Taken & made May the 22nd: 1685:

In ye Dwelling house, in ye lower roome lb sd
weareing apparill02:00 :00
It 7 pewter platters01 -07 -00
It 2 Basons & i old peuter quart pot00 -06 -00
It 5 peuter porengers00 -03 -00
It an old pewter Candle stick an old Tanker pint pot00 -01 -06
It A halfe pint pot & a jill pot00 -02 -00
It An old pewter beere boule, & an old salt seller, & an old bason00 -03 -06
It 3 old spoones00 -00 -06
It A brasse ladle & a brasse skimmer00 -05 -00
It 2 old brasse skilletts & an old decayed warmeing pann00 -03 -00
It i great brasse Kittle01 -10 -00
It 3 Glasse bottls00 -01 -06
It i Iron pott & pot hookes00 -08 -00
It 2 small Tramills00 -03 -06
It i paire of Tongs00 -01 -08
It i long hand Gunn ye lock naught00 -14 -00
It 2 wooden boules, i peck a small pigin, a cheese fat, a water }   
   paile I Runlett, a butter box & a littele tray & one small pigin }00 -06 -04
[84] It i fryeing pann00 -03 -00
It 3 wooden dishes & 8 trenchers00 -01 -00
It i Butter tubb00 -02 -00
It i side of lether00 -08 -00
It about 20lb of tobaco in leafe00 -03 -04
It about 12lb of Tallow00 -04 -00
Tooles 4 plaines, Irons & stocks Old00 -03 -00
It An old broad Axe, an old narrow axe an old    }   
   Ads, & an old hattchett                                    }00 -07 -00
It 3 Chizells, i Gouge00 -01 -04
It 2 Augers & a Rye bitt00 -02 -00
It 2 bench hookes 2 hand sawes a drawing knife & an Iron square00 -05 -00
It i old Curtlase00 -05 -00
It A Cubbard presse01 -00 -00
It An old Bed Stud & a bed Cord00 -04 -00
It 3 old Curtains & a valian00 -10 -00
It An old Rotten fether bed about 12 pound of old fethers in it00 -06 -00
It A joynt worke Chest00 -08 -00
It An old bottle Case & a Box00 -05 -00
 12 -14 -02
It i joyner worke Chaire00 -03 -00
It 3 Chaires & a salt Box.00 -01 -04
It i Spitt at John whipples house00 -01 -00
i Tennant saw at John wilkensons, it being broake00 -01 -00
It A wooden dish00 -00 -04
In ye Chamber   
It i fether bed & bolster01 -10 -00
It i old fether bed & bolster, the bed few fethers   }   
   in it & the ticking very old                                 }00 -10 -00
It i old whiteish Rugg Cotten & an old torne sheete00 -08 -00
It A part of a bed studd & a bed cord00 -02 -00
It A silke grasse pillow & pillow Case00 -03 -00
It A greene Rugg01 -00 -00
It An old Red Cover lidd & an old bed blankett both much torne00 -02 -00
It 2 bed blanketts00 -08 -00
It i old Carpett00 -03 -00
It i shirt, an old pillow Case & 2 neck cloathes00 -04 -00
It 3 sheets00 -15 -00
It i Court Cubbard & a broken box00 -10 -00
It i old box00 -01 -00
It An old bagg & halfe a bushell of Rye00 -01 -06
It Iron strikes for a Pr of wheeles01 -00 -00
It An old broken Cart Rope old & Rotten00 -01 -00
It An old Chamber pott00 -01 -00
It An old paire of broken And Irons00 -01 -00
It 3 broken joynt stooles 3 old barrils & a sifting   }   
   trough & other old lumber wooden                    }00 -03 -00
It An old whipp saw00 -05 -00
It old peeces of Refuse Irons00 -01 -00
It In ye Cribb abroad about 6 bushell of Corne in ye Eares00 -12 -00
abroad An old Rotten Cart & wheeles & hoopes00 -12 -00
[85] It An old Plough sharr & Coulter00 -04 -00
It i old Narrow hoe00 -00 -08
It i Clevice & pinn00 -01 -06
Cattell i yoake of oxen06 -00 -00
It 2 Cowes04 -00 -00
It 2 Calves00 -14 -00
It A Cupple of yeare old beasts02 -00 -00
It A Cupple of 2 yeare old beasts02 -10 -00
It A 3 yeare old steere02 -05 -00
It 3 swine : 2 small ones & a bigger00 -16 -00
 28 -10 -04
It i small Grind stone00 -01 -00
It i Pr of old Bellowes00 -00 -04
It i hide at Jonathan whipples00 -05 -00
It i steere hide at Jonathan whipples00 -05 -00
 00 -11 -04
   The sum totall of this inventarey (if no Mistake in casting up) }   
   amounts to                                                                           } 41 -11 -10
Taken & Made ye day & yeare abovesaid by us   
The mark of X Joseph whipple   
Thomas Harris senr   
post script                                                        Thomas Olney   
It i old broad axe at mr: Jencks his house00 -03 -00

  Thomas Harris senr & Thomas Olney ye 27th of May 1685 upon theire solem|ne| Engagemts attest to ye aforesaid Inventarey,

  Taken in Councill before us      Arthur ffenner Assistant
                                            Joseph Jenckes Assistant./

  Joseph whiple Exsecutor unto the deceased John whipple doth upon his Solemne Engagement testefie That in ye said Inventarey is Contained all ye Mooveable Estate of his said deceased father as hee knowes of, & if more at any time Come to knowledge it shall be added,

  Taken in Councill before us

Arthur fenner Assisstant
Joseph Jenkes Assistant

Be it knowne unto all people by these presents that I Joseph whiple of ye towne of Providence in ye Colloney of Rhode Island & Providence plantations in New England, doe owne & acknowledg myselfe to stand truely & lawfully indebted unto ye towne Councill of Providence aforesaid the full & just sum of Ninty poundes sterling at all times payable upon demaunds To the due performance whereof I doe by these presents bynd myselfe, my [86] my Heirs Exsecutors & Administrators, & for defect thereof it shall be levied upon my landes goodes Chattels & Cattell
  The Conditions.
of this Obligation is such ; That if I the above bounden Joseph whipple as I am Exsecutor to my deceased father John whipple by his last will and testament beareing date ye Eight day of May in ye yeare one Thousand six hundred Eighty two, Doe duely & truely Execute & performe ye said will in all perticulars as is therein Exprest, Then shall this bond be voyd & of none Efect; But if otherwise, it shall stand in full force & vertue : In witnes whereof I doe hereunto set my hand & seale the 27th : day of May in ye yeare 1685.
                                                                  the marke of Joseph
may ye 27th : 1685 :                                             X   whipple

Taken in Councill as Attests,
    Tho: Olney
    Towne Clarke

Source: Early Records of the Town of Providence

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