Will of Samuel Dolloff, dated March 31, 1741

In the Name of God amen I Samuel Dolloff of Exeter in the Province of New Hampshire in New England husbandman being weak of Body * * * * Item 1st I Give unto my Son Samuel Dolloff one part of my home Place begining at an Elm Stump Standing between two Rocks and Runing west a Cross my Land which Stump Stands near the Line between my Brother Richards Land & mine about twenty Rods from the path -- Item 2d I Give unto my Son Benjamin Dolloff thirty Acres of Land out of my Common Right Joyning to thirty acres which I Disposed of formerly upon his account -- Item 3d I Give unto my three Daughters Ruth Stevens Mary Dolloff & Hannah Dolloff my Dwelling house and Barn and all the other part of my home place to be Eaqually Divided among them and I Likewise give Each of my said Daughters A Cow and all my household Goods to be Eaqually Divided among them -- Item 4) I Give unto my Grandson Samuel Dolloff Ten acres of Land out of my Common Right Joyning to the thirty acres Given to my Son Benjamin Dolloff -- Finally I Give unto my Son Samuel Dolloff whome I make the Sole Executor of this my Last will and Testament all my moveable Estate not already Disposed of hereby revoking all other or former wills & Testaments by me heretofore made and have to this my Last Will and Testament Set to my hand and Seal this thirty first Day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & forty one &c 1741.

Signed Sealed and owned In                                  mark
the Presence of us--  Samuel X Dolloff
Phillip Wadleigh
Abner Dolloff
Cartee Gilman
[Proved April 29, 1741.]

[Warrant, April 29, 1741, authorizing Peter Gilman and Jonathan Gordon, yeoman, both of Exeter, to appraise the estate.]
[Probate Records, vol. 15, p. 117.]

[Inventory, June 23, 1741; amount 703.9.0; signed by Peter Gilman and Jonathan Gordon.]

[Additional inventory, July 28, 1742; amount, 137.3.0.]

SOURCE: Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, Vol. 3, 1741-1749, State Papers Series, Vol. 33

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