1850 Mortality Schedule - Crittenden Co., AR
Deaths occurring from June 1, 1849 - May 31, 1850
NameEstimated Birth YearPlace of BirthRaceGenderAgeMarital StatusMonth of DeathCause of Death
  Tennessee Male SSeptember 
  Tennessee Male SJanuary 
Chloe abt 1820North CarolinaBlackFemale30 AprilCholera
David abt 1815AlabamaMulattoMale25 MarchDropsy
Diana abt 1821ArkansasBlackFemale29 AprilCholera
Elisa abt 1849ArkansasBlackFemale1 March 
Henry abt 1849ArkansasBlackMale1 March 
Jack abt 1807North CarolinaBlackMale43 AprilCholera
John abt 1838GeorgiaBlackMale15 DecemberAccidental
John abt 1848NebraskaBlackMale2 AugustInfect. of Lungs
Lewis abt 1846LouisianaMulattoMale4 AugustB Fever
Mary abt 1848ArkansasBlackFemale2 September 
Mary  TennesseeBlackFemale  AprilCholera
Mary abt 1830TennesseeBlackFemale20 JanuaryConsumption
Nelson abt 1829North CarolinaBlackMale21 July 
Peter abt 1826TennesseeBlackMale24 AugustCholera
Pox abt 1829NebraskaBlackMale21 JulyCholera
Sarah abt 1842TennesseeBlackFemale8 AprilCholera
Garfleet  ArkansasBlackMale  AprilCholera
Anderson abt 1849ArkansasMulattoMale5/12 March 
S Dranabt 1827New York Female23MMarchLung Fever
F Gamman abt 1825Georgia Male25SJuneAccidental
S E Hammackabt 1829Georgia Male21SJanuaryInfl. of Liver
A M Hankinsabt 1829Tennessee Female21MDecember 
N A Helt abt 1839Germany Female11SJulyCancer
Ping Hood abt 1831New York Female19MApril 
Elisa Huffman abt 1812Tennessee Female38MAprilConsumption
John R Huffman abt 1843Arkansas Male7SFebruary 
M E Johnson abt 1827Nebraska Female23SAugustInfect. of Lungs
Sarah A Lloyd abt 1827Germany Female23MJanuary 
Enid Louis abt 1826New York Male24SSeptemberLung Fever
Elizabeth McGehee abt 1810Alabama Female40MAprilApoplexy
George McGehee abt 1846Tennessee Male4SAugustWorms
Frances Nowlin abt 1834Tennessee Male16SJulyInfl. of Stomach
Fies Ryer abt 1790North Carolina Male60MFebruaryOld Age
John Sands abt 1799Germany Male51MAugustB. Fever
E Shene abt 1822Illinois Male28MMay 
William Smith abt 1806Tennessee Male44MAprilConsumption
P C Spain abt 1844Arkansas Male6SApril 
John Stary abt 1826Pennsylvania Male24SJulyCholera
Nancy Williams abt 1850Arkansas Female8/12SDecemberSt Fever
R R Williams abt 1809South Carolina Male41MAugustCough Chill
Ruth Williams abt 1815South Carolina Female35WAugustCough Chill

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