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U.S. Genealogy and History Library

Our Genealogy Forum Librarians have compiled thousands of digital files that include a vast assortment of genealogical and historical records. These include member-submitted GEDCOM files, lineage files, general genealogy files, and transcripts from prior Genealogy Forum lectures & conferences. Also, discover an assortment of genealogy-related shareware & computer utilities to help make your computer research more enjoyable and effective.

All of our files are currently being prepared and uploaded here. To search for files that are available now, use the search engine below.

The Following Libraries will be available here soon:

The Software and Tools Library includes our compiled Genealogy Tips and Resources, Macintosh Software Library, Windows/DOS Files and Utilities Library, Windows/DOS Program Library, and genealogy forms.

The Logs, Newsletters and Lectures Library includes Genealogy Lectures and Meeting Logs plus Genealogy, Ethnic and Surname Newsletters. The Civil War History Chat meeting log library is available at

The Ancestors Library includes over 16 separate GEDCOM File Libraries, three Lineage Libraries with an assortment of family-related records, and three Tafel Libraries.

The History and Culture Library has gathered records from the African Diaspora, Civil War History files, European Message archives, Hispanic Library files, Historical files, Jewish Genealogy Digests, Maps, Recipes, Regional and Ethnic Archives, files from SHAAR (The Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research), and Soldiers and Veterans graphics and photo files.

The Records Library houses Bible, Death, and Marriage Records; Death Records, Obituaries and Wills; Genealogical Records; National Archives Library; Genealogy Tips and Resources, and State Archives File Library. Many of these are being (or have been) added to the U.S. Genealogy and History Library

Happy kin hunting!

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